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Here I host apps I made for my classroom so everyone can use them.

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Earth and Space Apps

The apps are sorted by content area and how you might use them. I want to help as many students as possible get a high-quality three-dimensional science education. The apps will always be free. If you find them useful, consider donating to the Wild Haired Science Teacher on patreon. You’ll support development of more apps!

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Virtual Labs/Phenomena

These replicate something like you would get with a hands on lab. Students can change things and see final velocities.

Atmosphere - Earth - Simulation of light energy interacting with CO₂ in the atmosphere. Shows light of different wavelengths from the sun and infrared leaving.

Gravity Assist - Space - Students can figure out the conditions for how a spacecraft can use the gravity from a planet to speed up or slow down.

ISS Orbit - Space - Change the velocity of the ISS to make it orbit the Earth. Helps with understanding how an orbit works.

Moon - Earth&Space - App shows the moon, Earth, and sun in a top view and a view of the moon from the Earth. Users can see the change the phase throughout the lunar cycle and how they connect to the location of each body.

Orbit Examples 1 - Space - Shows four orbits around the Earth including low earth, geostationary, and very elliptical. Good for finding patterns in orbits.

Orbit Examples 2 - Space - More examples of orbits. Shows a transfer orbit from a close to a far circular orbit.

Orbit Sweep - Space - Eliptical orbit showing a line sweeping out an area. Students can use a ruler to measure triangles to check that the area per time is constant.

Planet Energy - Earth & Space - Shows the Earth and Mercury change temperature over time. Mercury is hotter during the day but colder at night. I used this phenomenon to start a unit about climate change. Also available as a version that shows photons entering and leaving the planet: Planet Energy With Light. Versions in °C: Without Light and with Light. You an also change the location of the marker on Earth.

Storms - Energy/Earth & Space - Students change the temperature of the atmosphere and see the effect on clouds and wind. A very simplified version of a weather simulation. I used this as a summative assessment where students practiced finding patterns and then constructing explanations of why climate change causes more violent storms using ideas about kinetic and potential energy. in °C.

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